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Network Openness Policy
Revised: 08/19/2009
Race Communications, Inc. will adhere to, and exceed, the expectations of the FCC. We intend to accomplish the openness objectives through three specific actions in the design and implementation of the network.
Fiber Optic Policy
Race is reserving a portion of the fibers on the backbone and the five local rings for public benefit purposes. Subject to the final fiber counts, we intend to reserve 8% of our total capacity (two buffer tubes or 24 fibers) in reserve for public-benefit use at no cost. Any public-benefit organization that has the technical capability, and financial capacity to light the fibers, will be given access to exclusively use two dark fibers. We envision the beneficiaries of this policy will be cities, county social services, Cal Trans, and schools, to name a few. The fibers must be used in a non-commercial application and reserve capacity cannot be re-sold. Additionally, we will commit to lease fiber optic capacity, at commercially reasonable rates, to any commercial service provider, including our direct competitors, that desires the capacity. Finally, the network will be built with sufficient fiber drop/add points that will accommodate convenient interconnection without having to build back to the Central Office to interconnect.
Collocation Space
In the design of the network we are specifying additional rack space be made available to host applications and optical equipment of any organization that desires to have access to the network for lawful purposes. The space will be provided at commercially reasonable rates to cover the incremental cost of electricity, cooling, etc.
OSI Compliant
The network will be a complete end-to-end fiber optic network from the Internet source at One Wilshire in Los Angeles to the end-user premises. The network will be entirely standards-based and will be designed upon Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) standards. OSI is a design standard that ensures any vendor’s equipment, developed using OSI standards will interconnect seamlessly and operate compatibly with other OSI network elements.
Beyond these three specific actions, Race certifies that it will adhere to the FCC’s five point policy on openness, provide nondiscriminatory and reasonably-priced access to the network and will work collaboratively with those who desire it to provide access to the network.
Network Openness Policy Revisions
Race may at any time revise the Network Openness Policy without notice by updating this posting. By using this Site, you agree to be bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to determine the then current Network Openness Policyto which you are bound.

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