About Us

Our Mission

In today's connected world, reliable, high-speed internet is an absolute necessity, and it is our company's mission to provide advanced communications at an affordable price. Launched in 1995, Race is a leading provider of fiber Internet service throughout California, including a growing number of remote, rural communities that broadband carriers have long ignored.

Working in partnership with the California Public Utilities Commission and a number of non-profit community advocacy groups, Race focuses much of its efforts towards building out fiber networks and offering affordable gigabit internet service to communities throughout the state.

Not only will homes and businesses be seamlessly connected to a wealth of entertainment and cloud services, Race's fiber network helps bring significant improvements to local business, education, community services and public safety.

Meet the pioneers

Raul Alcaraz


Raul Alcaraz is one of the founders and CEO of Race Communications. A true self-starter, he launched Race Communications in 1995 and has grown the company through his own unique blend of understanding innovative technology and outstanding leadership skills. Alcaraz oversees the corporate direction and strategy for Race's overall field operations, including sales, support, marketing, and alliances and partnerships. He focuses on strategy leadership, customers and community efforts. Always one to be involved in community events and initiatives, it is not uncommon to find him partaking in business expos, town hall meetings, and even Christmas caroling events hosted by the various towns and cities Race provides service to. One could even say he's a bit of a local celebrity.

There must be something in the Bay Area water. A San Francisco native, Roberto Alcantar had a great interest in all things tech from an early age and as a young adult, co-founded Race Communications with Raul Alcaraz. Since founding the company, Alcantar has held a variety of roles within the company, producing significant business value for Race in the form of customer satisfaction and loyalty, market share and productivity. His strong commitment to operational excellence and innovative approach to business problems have helped defined Race's commitment to it's customers.

Roberto Alcantar

Customer Experience

Domenic Pacini


Domenic Pacini is the third founder of Race communications and is responsible for bringing the fiber network to life in the various Race communities. As head of construction for Race, Pacini makes it his goal to bring optimized, high quality and consistent services to customers and partners across California. He brings more than 25 years of diverse experience to the company as product-centric founder, general manager and IT. He also has extensive product and technical operations experience within the telecommunications industry. Much like Raul Alcaraz, Pacini is often spotted at community events providing information to residents about construction in the surrounding areas.

Dedicated in everything he does, Carlos Alcantar brings his strong work ethic to Race Communications as the Chief Technical Officer. He oversees the development and implementation of Race's cutting-edge technology and provides strategic direction to several functions and business operations. These include the Engineering, Operations and Supplier Management functions, and also Test & Evaluation, Research & Technology and Information Technology. Alcantar has extensive experience in leading, developing and managing superior technical teams and has been a valuable addition to the executive team.

Carlos Alcantar


Alex Alcaraz


Alex Alcaraz has several years of financial experience and a track record of driving financial success in a tech environment across multiple platforms. He is responsible for the financial management of Race Communications, its financial reporting and transparency and long-term financial planning. Alcaraz shapes the company's strategies to capture profitable growth and makes it possible for the company to sustain its growth while continuing to offer affordable prices to its customers.

Jim Miller comes to us with a wealth of knowledge of the telecommunications industry. As VP of Las Americas Broadband, he helped launch cutting edge systems in Baja, California. In 2004, he started High Desert Wireless, the first ISP in Mojave, CA and the Tehachapi Valley region. Just two years later, in 2006, his company was awarded Tech Company of the year by Kern County Board of Supervisors. High Desert Wireless became the premier ISP of choice in the region among leading aerospace and green energy companies in the region. When Race acquired High Desert Wireless in 2013, his expertise in product development and knowledge of the market added enormous value to the company as it began its efforts in Kern County.

Jim Miller

Product Development, RaceTV