Bear Valley Springs, CA

Bear Valley Springs

After months of planning, engineering and construction, our fiber services are available in your community.

Orders have poured in from the community and work has been ongoing. Race is currently offering their internet, phone and TV services to homes and businesses in the area. If you live or work in the community and are located in a released zone, you can place an order for any one of our high-speed fiber services by going to our order form.

Not sure about ordering now? If you need more information before placing an order, feel free to submit an inquiry and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Zone Map

Unsure if you're out of area? Check here before submitting an inquiry form to see if you are eligible for Race services and what community and zone you are in.

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Installation Steps

After an order is placed with us, we have to determine if your home is an aerial or underground installation. In school, you were always told to do your homework and the same holds true for us. We perform site surveys to gather information on your home and property. This helps us determine access, and the location of potential obstacles. A site survey will be completed by a certified technician before an initial drop is done.

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Enterprise Solutions

For large and enterprise businesses, Race offers customized fiber solutions. Take advantage of fast, symmetrical speeds, and transform the way you do business.

To learn more about our enterprise solutions or to get a quote, please fill out our Enterprise form or give us a call today at: 1.877.722.3833

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