Get Gigafied

Why Gigafy?

Life is too important to wait on cable, and with Race's fiber internet, you don't have to. Our gigabit fiber-to-the-premises network offers several advantages over traditional copper lines. It is able to transmit data much faster over greater distances and because the cable is smaller in diameter and weighs less, it makes an ideal alternative for a wide variety of cabling solutions. Race offers symmetrical speeds as much as a 100 times faster than other local cable providers.

Every year, a home's data usage doubles and the burden on our Internet connection grows exponentially. Today's on-the-go way of life means more devices and more. With fiber optic's speed and reliability, you will have no issues staying connected, whether that means video-conferencing into a meeting or uploading your best pictures to social media.

Gigafy with Race today to see how your Internet just got better.