Once your service area has been released and you've submitted your pre-order, what's next?

We know each community has it's own personality and process to Get Gigafied. Race specializes in bringing fiber directly to the home or business, giving you a dedicated symmetric connection at speeds of up to 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps). Some of our service areas require just a few extra steps before you can Gigafy your world. The following Need-To-Know section will explain the process from pre-order to final installation.



When placing an order with Race we first have to determine if your home is eligible for aerial or underground installation. A site survey will be scheduled to gather information on your home and help us determine access and locate any potential obstacles.

  • A certified technician will complete a site survey before our order form is released.
  • Your home will be marked as an aerial or underground installation.
  • We will note if there is existing conduit or if your home has direct buried cables.
  • You will be notified via e-mail about your installation method once a site survey is complete if you have submitted an inquiry via


  • Aerial drops are usually done within 7-10 business days after your order is placed. For recently released areas, the wait may be a bit longer.
  • Our fiber cable can either be installed along your current copper cable (most common) or by removing your existing copper cable and replacing it with our fiber cable.
  • No installation cost.

If utilities are being provided aerially to your home but you would still like our fiber installed underground, you have alternative options (see Underground Custom). Underground work must be completed before fiber order


If the conduit utilized by your current utilities (phone, electric or broadband) is useable, we will do our best to utilize the existing conduit. How is this done?

  • Race will dig at each end of the conduit and pull our fiber cable through.
  • Don't have services currently connected via an existing conduit, but are planning upgrade or have an empty conduit that you have installed? We can use that too.
  • Please mark your sprinkler system or any other obstacles that may be buried in your yard. This helps ensure that no damage occurs during installations.
  • No installation cost.